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Butters and Waxes from natural and organic source have been playing a very important role in cosmetics, food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications.

We deliver a wide range of butters and waxes for varied applications in these industries. We deliver waxes in various shapes such as pellets, powders, slabs etc.

Azafran's Butter's and waxes are specially filtered and purified for high end applications.

Especially designed as per clients requirements our, products can be moulded in physical attributes to provide each industry with the right product in the right form that can be easily integrated into the clients final products.


Azafran Butters and Wax offer a wide variety of high quality organic and natural products that are extensively used in color cosmetics and skincare, hair care products.

Our sunflower and castor wax are extraordinarily well suited for hair care and hair styling products with their film forming characteristics and imparting extraordinary shine. Our specially formulated jasmine wax and rose wax are particularly formulated to be cost effective for clients who are looking for combined qualities of wax and floral absolutes. All our floral butters and waxes are winning over clients with their high quality and ease of formulation.


The food industry is presented with many varities of naturally sourced organic butters for various applications.

Azafran's unique hydrogenation process allows 0% Trans fat in our organic butters like olive butter, soya butter, peanut butter, sunflower butter etc.

These butters are extensively used in the processed food industry like microwave popcorn, frozen pizza, coffee creamers, refrigerated dough products, ready to use frostings , baked goods like cookies, cakes, frozen pies and other types of frozen foods and crackers.

Natural and organic waxes that have melting points up to 90°C,have applications in sealing and coating of confectionaries and food additives.

Certificates and Standards

Pharma companies can now avail of natural alternative solutions for applications such as
  • Tablet coating
  • Creams, ointments and lotions
  • Soft gelatin capsules
  • Oral suspension
  • Extended release/sustained releasecapusles
  • Tablet coating
  • Emulsion
  • Suspension
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